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Introduction to the lab

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The laboratory “Materials and Quantum Phenomena” (MPQ) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory (physics, engineering and chemistry) of CNRS and University of Paris Diderot. It comprises 85 members, including 40 scientists and more than 40 PhDs, postdoctoral fellows and visitors. Research activity concerns the study of quantum phenomena in nanomaterials down to the atomic scale. It is centred around three themes : nanomaterials, electronic properties and quantum optics, bringing together several communities with both experimentalists and theoricians. Main motivation is the elaboration of quantum devices based on this fundamental research. Collaborations with industry such as THALES and ONERA but also start-ups is a long standing tradition at MPQ.

The creation of the MPQ laboratory in 2005 followed the project of a renewal physics department at the University Paris Diderot, started early 2000, and the building of a new university campus inside Paris, called “Paris Rive Gauche”. Since 2007, the MPQ laboratory is installed in the “Condorcet” building, located inside Paris, close to Great Library “François Mitterand”. Research activity is performed at the highest international level and in a stimulating scientific environment. Two others laboratory are located in the same building and extend the physics research activities of the physics department. The laboratory AstroParticules and Cosmology (APC) is at the frontier with the very small and the very large and is centred on three themes : cosmology and gravitation, high energy astrophysics and neutrinos). The laboratory Materials and Complex Systems (MSC) performed interdisciplinary research activity around three main topics : non linear physics and dynamical systems, complex fluids, physics-biology-medicine interface.

Research at MPQ benefits from the development of state-of-the art equipments. Technological facilities are located at MPQ such as a Clean Room and a High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM). The clean room is part of a Paris Center consortium including the Ecole Normale Superieure, the ESPCI graduate school and the University of Pierre et Marie Curie. The HRTEM is part of RIME consortium composed of all HRTEM instruments in Ile-de-France and the national METSA consortium. This large facilities benefit to all the scientific community, and more specifically to the region of Ile-de-France.

If you want to know more about the laboratory research activities, please read our last research report (2012) and the last evaluation report from the French national agency for evaluation of higher education and research (2013).

Rapport d’activité 2012
Rapport d’évaluation 2013