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Physique Quantique et Dispositifs (QUAD)

The group Quantum Physics and Devices (QUAD) has been founded by Carlo Sirtori in 2003. The group focuses its investigations on quantum engineering of infrared optoelectronic devices with new functionalities. We work on the conception, realisation and characterisation of low dimensional structures providing artificial effective confinement for electrons and photons. Intersubband devices (based on transitions between confined states of semiconductor quantum wells) are at the heart of our activity. We study unipolar devices, operating in a wide wavelength range, from the mid to the far infrared (4 µm < lambda < 500 µm). Our research is strongly connected to the technological development in clean room environment, in particular for the processing and fabrication of semiconductor devices. Our research is also strongly supported by an activity of design and modeling of the devices, in terms of electronic transport, optical properties and light-matter interaction. Finally, our researcher activity is strongly linked to long term technological transfer projects.

Our research activity is organized following three different axes :

- Light-matter strong coupling regime
- Mid-infrared optoelectronics
- THz photonics

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