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Discontinuous versus continuous spin reorientation transistion of magnetic films on vicinal surfaces
M. Elsen, J.H. Gao, V. Repain, C. Chacon, Y. Girard, J. Lagoute, G. Rodary, J. Ferré and S. Rousset
Europhysics letters 88, 27006 (2009)

Dominant Role of the Epitaxial Strain in the Magnetism of Core-Shell Co/Au Self-Organized Nanodots
Y. Nahas, V. Repain, C. Chacon, Y. Girard, J. Lagoute, G. Rodary, J. Klein, S. Rousset, H. Bulou and C. Goyhenex
Physical Review Letters 103, 067202 (2009)

Tilted and nontilted Ag overlayer on a Ni(111) substrate : Structure and energetics
C. Chambon, J. Creuze, A. Coati, M. Sauvage and Y. Garreau 

Physical Review B 79, 125412 (2009)


Ag organisation on Ni(111) surface
C. Chambon, A. Coati and Y. Garreau
Surface Science 602, 2363 (2008)

Large scale atomic ordering on Uncovered GaAs(001) after InAs monolayer capping : Atomic structure of the (12x6) reconstruction
A. Ouerghi, A. Cavanna, D. Martrou, Y. Garreau and B. Etienne
Surface Science 602, 1631 (2008)

Growth of iron on gold vicinal surface : from nanodots to step flow
S. Rohart, Y. Girard, Y. Nahas, V. Repain, G. Rodary, A. Tejeda, S. Rousset
Surface Science 602, 28 (2008)

Kink ordering and organized growth of Co clusters on a stepped Au(111) surface : A combined GISAXS, GIXD and STM study
F. Leroy, G. Renaud, A. Létoublon, S. Rohart, Y. Girard, V. Repain, S. Rousset, A. Coati et Y. Garreau
Physical Review B 77, 045430 (2008)

Self-Assembly of an Octanethiol Monolayer on a Gold Stepped Surface
N. Battaglini, V. Repain, Ph. Lang, G. Horowitz, S. Rousset
Langmuir 24, 2042 (2008)

Spin reorientation transition and magnetic domain structure of Co ultrathin films grown on a faceted Au(455) surface
J. H. Gao, Y. Girard, V. Repain, A. Tejeda, R. Belkhou, N. Rougemaille, C. Chacon, G. Rodary and S. Rousset
Physical Review B 77, 134429 (2008)

Combined STM/STS, TEM/EELS investigation of CNx –SWNTs
H. Lin, J. Lagoute, C. Chacon, R. Arenal, O. Stéphan, V. Repain, Y. Girard, S. Enouz, L. Bresson, S. Rousset , A. Loiseau
Physica Status Solidi (b) 245,1986 (2008)

Electrochemical behaviour of the Au(111) vicinal faces, 111 stepped surfaces
J. Lecoeur, S. Rousset, V. Repain
Comptes Rendus Chimie 11, 741 ( 2008)


Interacting quantum box superlattice by self-organised Co nanodots on Au(788)
C. Didiot, A. Tejeda, Y. Fagot-Revurat, V. Repain, B. Kierren, S. Rousset, and D. Malterre
Physical Review B, Rapid Communication 76, 081404R (2007)

Limits of the macrospin model in cobalt nanodots with enhanced edge magnetic anisotropy
S. Rohart, V. Repain, A. Thiaville, and S. Rousset
Physical Review B 76, 104401 (2007)

Direct observation of elastic displacement modes by grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction
G. Prevot, A. Coati, B. Croset and Y. Garreau
Journal of Applied Crystallography 40, 874 (2007)

Influence of grain boundaries on the magnetization reorientation transition in ultrathin films
G. Rodary, V. Repain, R. L. Stamps, Y. Girard, S. Rohart, A. Tejeda, and S. Rousset
Physical Review B 75, 184415 (2007)

Electronic properties of (Co, Ag) self-organised nanodots on Au(111) vicinal surfaces
C. Didiot, Y. Fagot-Revurat, S. Pons, B. Kierren, D. Malterre, A. Tejeda, and S. Rousset
Applied Surface Science 254, 45 (2007)


Building uniform and long-range ordered nanostructures on a surface by nucleation on a point defect array
V. Repain, S. Rohart, Y. Girard, A. Tejeda, and S. Rousset
Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 18 ,S17 (2006)

Surface reconstructions of epitaxial MnAs films grown on GaAs(111)B
A. Ouerghi, M. Marangolo, M. Eddrief, B.B. Lipinski, V.H. Etgens, M. Lazzeri, H. Cruguel, F. Sirotti, A. Coati and Y. Garreau
Physical Review B 74, 155412 (2006)

Self-organized systems for measuring surface stress at the nanoscale : N and O adsorption on Cu(001)
G. Prevot, B. Croset, A. Coati, Y. Garreau and Y. Girard
Physical Review B 73, 205418 (2006)

Distribution of the magnetic anisotropy energy of an array of self-ordered Co nanodots deposited on vicinal Au(111) : X-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurements and theory
S. Rohart, V. Repain, A. Tejeda, P. Ohresser, F. Scheurer, P. Bencok, J. Ferré, and S. Rousset
Physical Review B 73,165412 (2006)


Investigation of cobalt nanodots on a Au vicinal surface by optical excitation of plasmon-like resonances using reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy
Y. Borensztein, N. Witkowski, G. Baudot, Y. Girard, and S. Rousset
Physica Status Solidi (c) 12, 4072 (2005)

Structural modification of Co ultra-thin films grown on Au(111) vicinal surfaces
Y. Girard, G. Baudot, V. Repain, S. Rohart, S. Rousset, A. Coati, and Y. Garreau
Physical Review B 72,155434 (2005)

Site selective nucleation on surfaces : the rate equation model compared with VT-STM experiment of Co on Au (788)
S. Rohart, G. Baudot, V.Repain, Y.Girard, and S.Rousset
Journal of Crystal Growth 275, 203 (2005)

Self-organized epitaxial growth on spontaneously nano-patterned templates
S. Rousset, B. Croset, Y. Girard, D G. Prévot, V. Repain, and S. Rohart
Comptes Rendus Physique 6, 33 (2005)

Periodic magnetic anisotropy in ultrathin ferromagnetic films on faceted surfaces
A. Tejeda, G. Baudot, V. Repain, S. Rousset, J. Ferré, J.P. Jamet, A. Thiaville, and L. Barbier
Europhysics Letters 71,117 (2005)

Uniform magnetic properties for an ultrahigh-density lattice of noninteracting Co nanostructures
N. Weiss, T. Cren, M. Epple, S. Rusponi, H. Brune, G. Baudot, S. Rohart, A. Tejeda, V. Repain, S. Rousset, P. Ohresser, F. Scheurer, and P. Bencok
Physical Review Letters 95, 157204 (2005)

SOLEIL a new powerful tool for Materials Science
Baudelet, F., Belkhou, R., Briois, V., Coati, A., Dumas, P., Etgens, V. H., Flank, A. M., Fontaine, P., Garreau, Y., Lyon, O., Quinkal, I., Rochet, F., Roy, P., Sauvage, M., Sirotti, F., Somogyi, A. & Thiaudière, D.
Oil and Gas Science and Technology 60, 849 (2005)