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Journal Articles

Electronic transport in quantum cascade structures at equilibrium
C. Koeniguer, G. Dubois, A. Gomez, and V.Berger
⚠️ <font color=brown>Phys. Rev. B <font color=brown>74, 235325 (2006).</font>

Backwards difference frequency generation in an AlGaAs waveguide
L. Lanco, S. Ducci, J.P. Likforman, M. Ravaro, P. Filloux, X. Marcadet, G. Leo, and V. Berger
⚠️ <font color=brown>Appl. Phys. Lett. <font color=brown>89, 031106 (2006).</font>

Semiconductor waveguide source of counterpropagating twin photons
L. Lanco, S. Ducci, J.-P. Likforman, X. Marcadet, J.A.W. van Houwelingen, H. Zbinden, G. Leo, and V. Berger
⚠️ <font color=brown>Phys. Rev. Lett. <font color=brown>97, 173901 (2006).</font>

International Conferences

- L. Lanco, S. Ducci, J.-P. Likforman, X. Marcadet, J. Vanhouwelingen, H. Zbinden, G. Leo, V. Berger, "Counterpropagating twin photons in a semiconductor waveguide", EOS Annual Meeting, Paris, France, October 2006.