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Journal Articles

Nonlinear measurement of mid-IR absorption in AlOx waveguides
M. Ravaro, E. Guillotel, M. Le Dû, C. Manquest, X. Marcadet, S. Ducci, V. Berger, and G. Leo
⚠️ <font color=brown>Appl. Phys. Lett. <font color=brown>92, 151111 (2008).</font>

Effect of transverse mode structure on the far field pattern of metal-metal terahertz quantum cascade lasers
P. Gellie, W. Maineult, A. Andronico, G. Leo, C. Sirtori, S. Barbieri, Y. Chassagneux, J. R. Coudevylle, R. Colombelli, S. P. Khanna, E. H. Linfield, and A. G. Davies
⚠️ <font color=brown>J. Appl. Phys. <font color=brown>94, 124513 (2008).</font>

Metal-metal terahertz quantum cascade laser with micro-transverse-electromagnetic-horn antenna
W. Maineult, P. Gellie, A. Andronico, P. Filloux, G. Leo, C. Sirtori, S. Barbieri, E. Peytavit, T. Akalin, J.-F. Lampin, H. E. Beere, and D.A. Ritchie
⚠️ <font color=brown>Appl. Phys. Lett. <font color=brown>93, 183508 (2008).</font>

Integrated terahertz source based on three-wave mixing of whispering-gallery modes
A. Andronico, J. Claudon, J.-M. Gérard, V. Berger, and G. Leo
⚠️ <font color=brown>Opt. Lett. <font color=brown>33, 2416 (2008).</font>

Difference Frequency Generation in GaAs Microdisks
A. Andronico, I. Favero, and G. Leo
⚠️ <font color=brown>Opt. Lett. <font color=brown>33, 2026 (2008).</font>

Semiconductor microcavities for enhanced nonlinear optics interactions
A. Andronico, X. Caillet, I. Favero, S. Ducci, and V. Berger
⚠️ <font color=brown>J. of European Optical Society <font color=brown>3, 08030 (2008).</font>

Dark current analysis of quantum cascade detectors by magnetoresistance measurements
A. Gomez, N. Péré-Laperne, L-A. de Vaulchier, C. Koeniguer, A. Vasanelli, A. Nedelcu, X. Marcadet, Y. Guldner, and V.Berger
⚠️ <font color=brown>Phys. Rev. B <font color=brown>77, 085307 (2008).</font>

Doppler optomechanics of a photonic crystal
K. Karrai, I. Favero, and C. Metzger
⚠️ <font color=brown>Phys. Rev. Lett. <font color=brown>100, 240801 (2008).</font>

Cavity cooling of a nanomechanical resonator by light scattering
I. Favero and K. Karrai
⚠️ <font color=brown>New J. Phys. <font color=brown>10, 095006 (2008).</font>

Self-Induced Oscillations in an Optomechanical System Driven by Bolometric Backaction
C. Metzger, M. Ludwig, C. Neuenhahn, A. Ortlieb, I. Favero, K. Karrai, and F. Marquardt
⚠️ <font color=brown>Phys. Rev. Lett. <font color=brown>101, 133903 (2008).</font>

Optical self cooling of a deformable Fabry-Perot cavity in the classical limit
C. Metzger, I. Favero, A. Ortlieb, and K. Karrai
⚠️ <font color=brown>Phys. Rev. B <font color=brown>78, 035309 (2008).</font>

Conference Proceedings

- A. Gomez, M. Carras, A. Nedelcu, E. Costard, X. Marcadet, and V.Berger, "Advantages of quantum cascade detectors", Proc. SPIE 6900, 69000J (2008).


- Patent BD10697 Paris 7 - CEA, 2008, “Dispositif laser d’émission d’onde Terahertz” (J. M. Gérard, J. Claudon, V. Berger, G. Leo, A. Andronico).

Book Chapters

- L. Lanco, M. Ravaro, J.-P. Likforman, P. Filloux, X. Marcadet, S. Ducci, G. Leo, and V. Berger, “Semiconductor waveguides for nonlinear frequency conversion”, in "Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources and Applications", I.T. Sorokina Springer (2008).

International Conferences

- X.Caillet, V. Berger, G. Leo, I. Sagnes, and S. Ducci, "Counterpropagating twin photons in a semiconductor ridge microcavity : a versatile device for quantum communications experiments" (oral), EOS Annual Meeting, Paris, France, Octobre 2008.

- I. Favero, "From micro to nano-optomechanical systems" (invited), Nanomechanical Systems Approaching the Quantum Regime" (invited), Munich, Germany, September 2008.

- X. Caillet, V. Berger, G. Leo, I. Sagnes, and S. Ducci, "Counterpropagating twin photons in a semiconductor ridge microcavity : a versatile device for quantum communications experiments" (poster), Franco-US Workshop on Nanophotonics, Paris, France, July 2008.

- A. Andronico, I. Favero, S. Ducci, P. Senellart, A. Lemaître, and G.Leo, "Difference Frequency Generation at 2.5-2.9 μm in GaAs Microdisks" (oral), CLEO/QELS 2008, San Jose, California, USA, May 2008.

- I. Favero and K. Karrai, "Cavity cooling of a nanomechanical resonator by light scattering" (poster), Gordon Conference on Mechanical Systems in the Quantum Regime, Ventura, USA, February 2008.

National Conferences

- I. Favero, "Un système nano-optomécanique" (oral), Journées de la matière condensée, Strasbourg, France, August 2008.

- I. Favero, "Un système nano-optomécanique" (invited), PAMO/JSM (Physique Atomique, Moléculaire, Optique), Lille, France, July 2008.