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Articles de Journaux

Optical parametric amplification in GaAs/AlOx waveguide
E. Guillotel, M. Ravaro, F. Ghiglieno, C. Langlois, C. Ricolleau, S. Ducci, I. Favero, and G. Leo
Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 171110 (2009).

A semiconductor source of counterpropagating twin photons : a versatile device allowing the control of the two-photon state
X. Caillet, V. Berger, G. Leo, and S. Ducci
J. of Mod. Optics 56, 232 (2009).

Time-resolved thermal crosstalk characterisation of laser diode arrays
X. Caillet, L. Bretheau, M. Krakowski, N. Michel, I. Favero, G. Leo, and S. Ducci
Electron. Lett. 45, 467 (2009).

Optomechanics of deformable optical

I. Favero and K. Karrai
Nature Photon. 3, 201 (2009).

Fluctuating nanomechanical system in a high finesse optical microcavity
I. Favero, S. Stapfner, D. Hunger, P. Paulitschke, J. Reichel, H.
Lorenz, E. M. Weig, and K. Karrai
Opt. Express 15, 12813 (2009).

Modeling of dark current in midinfrared quantum well infrared photodetectors
F. Castellano, F. Rossi, J. Faist, E. Lhuillier, and V. Berger
Phys. Rev. B 79, 205304 (2009).

Ultimate performance of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors in the tunneling regime
E. Lhuillier, I. Ribet-Mohamed, M. Tauvy, A. Nedelcu, V. Berger, and E. Rosencher
Infrared Phys. Technol. 52, 132 (2009).

Actes de Conférences

- X. Caillet, V. Berger, G. Leo, I. Sagnes, and S. Ducci, "A semiconductor ridge micro cavity to generate counterpropagating twin photons", Proc. SPIE 7222, 72221J (2009).

Conférences Internationales

- S. Ducci, X. Caillet, A. Orieux, I. Favero, P. Filloux, G. Leo, A. Lemaître, and I. Sagnes, "Semiconductor waveguide source of counterpropagating twin photons at room temperature" (oral), Quantum Information Meeting, Paris, France, October 2009.

- A. Taormina, F. Ghiglieno, S. Ducci, I. Favero, A. Andronico, J. Claudon, J.-M. Gérard, and G. Leo, "THz room-temperature integrated parametric source" (invited), Topical Problems of Biophotonics, Nizhny Novgorod-Samara, Russia, July 2009.

- X. Caillet, A. Lemaître, I. Sagnes, I. Favero, G. Leo, and S. Ducci, "A semiconductor ridge microcavity generating Counter-propagating Twin Photons" (oral), Nonlinear Optics Conference (OSA), Hawaii, USA, July 2009.

- I. Favero, "Coupling light and mechanics" (invited), WE-Heraeus Conference on Quantum Optics of Nano- and Micromechanical Systems, Bad Honnef, Germany, July 2009.

- A. Taormina, A. Andronico, J. Claudon, J.M. Gérard, I. Favero, S. Ducci, V. Berger, and G. Leo, "CW THz source based on difference-frequency generation in whispering gallery microcavities" (oral), Mid Infrared Coherent Sources, Trouville, France, June 2009.

Conférences Nationales

- A. Orieux, X. Caillet, A. Lemaître, I. Sagnes, I. Favero, G. Leo, and S. Ducci, "Expérience de Hong-Ou-Mandel avec une source semi-conductrice de photons jumeaux contrapropagatifs" (oral), COLOQ 2011, Nice, France, September 2009.