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Articles de Journaux

Optical parametric amplification in GaAs/AlOx waveguide
E. Guillotel, M. Ravaro, F. Ghiglieno, C. Langlois, C. Ricolleau, S. Ducci, I. Favero, and G. Leo
⚠️ <font color=brown>Appl. Phys. Lett. <font color=brown>94, 171110 (2009).</font>

A semiconductor source of counterpropagating twin photons : a versatile device allowing the control of the two-photon state
X. Caillet, V. Berger, G. Leo, and S. Ducci
⚠️ <font color=brown>J. of Mod. Optics <font color=brown>56, 232 (2009).</font>

Time-resolved thermal crosstalk characterisation of laser diode arrays
X. Caillet, L. Bretheau, M. Krakowski, N. Michel, I. Favero, G. Leo, and S. Ducci
⚠️ <font color=brown>Electron. Lett. <font color=brown>45, 467 (2009).</font>

Optomechanics of deformable optical

I. Favero and K. Karrai
⚠️ <font color=brown>Nature Photon. <font color=brown>3, 201 (2009).</font>

Fluctuating nanomechanical system in a high finesse optical microcavity
I. Favero, S. Stapfner, D. Hunger, P. Paulitschke, J. Reichel, H.
Lorenz, E. M. Weig, and K. Karrai
⚠️ <font color=brown>Opt. Express <font color=brown>15, 12813 (2009).</font>

Modeling of dark current in midinfrared quantum well infrared photodetectors
F. Castellano, F. Rossi, J. Faist, E. Lhuillier, and V. Berger
⚠️ <font color=brown>Phys. Rev. B <font color=brown>79, 205304 (2009).</font>

Ultimate performance of Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors in the tunneling regime
E. Lhuillier, I. Ribet-Mohamed, M. Tauvy, A. Nedelcu, V. Berger, and E. Rosencher
⚠️ <font color=brown>Infrared Phys. Technol. <font color=brown>52, 132 (2009).</font>

Actes de Conférences

- X. Caillet, V. Berger, G. Leo, I. Sagnes, and S. Ducci, "A semiconductor ridge micro cavity to generate counterpropagating twin photons", Proc. SPIE 7222, 72221J (2009).

Conférences Internationales

- S. Ducci, X. Caillet, A. Orieux, I. Favero, P. Filloux, G. Leo, A. Lemaître, and I. Sagnes, "Semiconductor waveguide source of counterpropagating twin photons at room temperature" (oral), Quantum Information Meeting, Paris, France, October 2009.

- A. Taormina, F. Ghiglieno, S. Ducci, I. Favero, A. Andronico, J. Claudon, J.-M. Gérard, and G. Leo, "THz room-temperature integrated parametric source" (invited), Topical Problems of Biophotonics, Nizhny Novgorod-Samara, Russia, July 2009.

- X. Caillet, A. Lemaître, I. Sagnes, I. Favero, G. Leo, and S. Ducci, "A semiconductor ridge microcavity generating Counter-propagating Twin Photons" (oral), Nonlinear Optics Conference (OSA), Hawaii, USA, July 2009.

- I. Favero, "Coupling light and mechanics" (invited), WE-Heraeus Conference on Quantum Optics of Nano- and Micromechanical Systems, Bad Honnef, Germany, July 2009.

- A. Taormina, A. Andronico, J. Claudon, J.M. Gérard, I. Favero, S. Ducci, V. Berger, and G. Leo, "CW THz source based on difference-frequency generation in whispering gallery microcavities" (oral), Mid Infrared Coherent Sources, Trouville, France, June 2009.

Conférences Nationales

- A. Orieux, X. Caillet, A. Lemaître, I. Sagnes, I. Favero, G. Leo, and S. Ducci, "Expérience de Hong-Ou-Mandel avec une source semi-conductrice de photons jumeaux contrapropagatifs" (oral), COLOQ 2011, Nice, France, September 2009.