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Hybrid III-V/SOI photonic devices for quantum information

M2 Internship / PhD

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Laboratory : MPQ & C2N
Director : C. Ciuti and G. Faini
Address : Paris 13ème (MPQ) and Palaiseau (C2N)

Person in charge of the internship : S. Ducci/F. Raineri Tel : 01 57276225
e-mail :

The miniaturization of quantum information components is one of the main challenges on the way towards large diffusion of quantum information technologies. Among the different platforms under development all around the world, semiconductors display a strong potential for integration, reconfiguration and massively parallel production of quantum photonic devices [1]. Among the different approaches, the development of hybrid devices is emerging as interesting way to take the best of different worlds. For example, III-V materials have been demonstrated to be excellent quantum emitters, while Si-based passive optical circuits have reached a great maturity thanks to technological developments in CMOS fab [2].
This project is focused on the demonstration of hybrid III-V/SOI integrated quantum photonic devices including photon pair generation and manipulation, working at room temperature and telecom wavelength.
The project will be done in the framework of a collaboration between three partners of international renown : the QITe team (MPQ), developing III-V sources of quantum states of light [3], the SANDWICH team (C2N), expert in heterogeneous integration of III-V on Si [4], and STMicroelectronics, a worldwide leader company in Si electronics and photonics. This choice combines the advantages of the two material platforms opening novel avenues for the development of original and densely integrated optoelectronic devices for quantum computing and secured communications based on quantum cryptography.

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