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Joel Bellessa (Institut Lumière Matière, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
Coherence and polaritonic metasurfaces in hybrid metal/organic structures
11 octobre 2019 à 11h30 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)

Résumé :
The proximity of metal nanostructures or films drastically affects the optical properties of molecules or semiconductor, because of the plasmons supported by the metallic interfaces. When the light/matter interaction becomes predominant compared to the damping in the system, it enters in the strong coupling regime leading to hybridization between the light and excitations of the material. We will describe the particular properties of this interaction between surface plasmons and organic materials. We will discuss the specific behavior associated with the molecular structure of the material strongly coupled to plasmons and in particular the collective effects between different molecules induced by the plasmon. By structuring the material within the extension of coherent modes, we will show that it is possible to create an original type of polaritonic active metasurface. These metasurfaces present effective properties and geometry sensibility and allow the generation of emission anisotropies and original band structures.

Arnaud Arbouet (CEMES – CNRS – Toulouse)
Development of a high brightness ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope
based on a laser-driven cold field emission source

23 septembre 2019 à 11h30 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)

Zhigang Chen (Nankai University, Tianjin, Chine - San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA)
Novel phenomena in photonic lattices : from pseudospin to topology
18 juillet 2019 à 14 h – Salle 356 A

Marco Bellini (Istituto Nazionale di Ottica (CNR-INO), Florence)
Photon by photon engineering of the quantum state of light
13 juin 2019 à 11 h – Salle Luc Valentin (454A)

Silvano De Franceschi (Université Grenoble Alpes et CEA, IRIG/DEPHI/PHELIQS)
Quantum prospects for silicon nanoelectronicsRetour ligne automatique
16 Mai 2019 à 11 h – Salle Luc Valentin (454A)

Antoine Browaeys (Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique)
Many-body physics with arrays of individual Rydberg atoms
25/04/2019, 11h30 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)

Cristian Enachescu (Université Alexandru Ioan Cuza - Roumanie)
Understanding experimental data in spin crossover systems using elastic models
14/03/2019, 11h30 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)

Freek Massee (Laboratoire de Physique du Solide, Université Paris Saclay - CNRS)
Shot-noise scanning tunnelling microscopy : noisy defects in a high-Tc superconductor
14/02/2019 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)

Hakim Amara (Laboratoire d’études des microstructures, ONERA - CNRS)
L’apport de la simulation atomistique à la compréhension du nanomonde
24/01/2019 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)

Giacomo Scalari (ETH Zurich)
THz Ultrastrong light matter coupling : from few electrons to magnetotransport control
13/12/2018, 11h30 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)

Jérôme Estève (LPS UPSud)
Observation of the unconventional photon blockade effect in the microwave domain
22/11/2018, 11h30 – Salle Luc Valentin (454 A)