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Mid-infrared optoelectronics

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Figure 1 Fabrication of a double trenches MIR QCL

Quantum cascade lasers (QCL) are coherent light sources with emission wavelength in the mid-infrared (4µ<λ<12µm).Our activity covers different research fields related to these sources.
In first place, thanks to cutting edge processing technologies available at our site, we work on the optimization of the fabrication of the devices demonstrating state of the art performances for QCL. A typical double trenches laser is presented in Figure1.

In addition we work on one of the most attractive properties of QCL, the ultra-fast dynamics of the laser carriers. Predicted frequency bandwidths for QCLs are in excess of tens of GHz, exceeding performances of standard laser diodes. By merging optical and microwave technology, we work toward the realization of a device with 30 GHz modulation band pass, improving our actual demonstrated result of 15 GHz. Typical antenna and micro strip devices are presented in Figure 2.

High frequency modulation is studied to control the stability of the laser spectra,

Figure 2 Ultrafast MIR QCL integrated in microstrip antenna

toward the realization of a mid-infrared frequency combs. Thanks to our ultrafast devices the inter-mode separation is locked and tuned thanks to an external stable modulation sources.
Ultra-fast QCL devices are also studied as sources for the free space communication in the transparency atmospheric window. An experimental apparatus for laser data transmission at more than 30 GHz is a step toward the future use of QCL as sources free space communication with applications in building to building communication in urban environment and ground to satellite links.

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