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To use the samples, we must mount them on bases and connect them electrically. For this, we dispose outside the cleanroom of equipments for preparation and mounting of samples.

For polishing : Allied High Tech Multiprep 8" system

We have a lot of diamond lapping film from 0.5µm to 9µm grain, which associated with our polishers, allow us to work with different materials. The polishing may correspond to thinning substrates, faceting or flattening.

To clive the samples : The Scriber
The scriber allow us to clive the samples with a good precision.

To mount the samples : Machine pick and place - JFP PP5

© Hervé de Brus

This equipment is designed for precise and delicate manipulation of samples with vacuum head and a motorized table, survey by camera. The placement accuracy is below 5µm and allow us to stick our samples on the bases with epoxy or silver paint.

For electrical connection : Wire Bonding - Kulicke&Soffa 4523

© Hervé de Brus

We realized electrical connections with gold or aluminum wire (diameter 25µm). The wire bonding system allow us to link electrically the base and the sample.