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Raman cooling of a single ion in a micro fabricated device

M2 Internship

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Name of supervisor(s): Luca GUIDONI ; Jean-Pierre LIKFORMAN
E-mail : Phone number: +33(0)157276217
Internship with eventual PhD: YES
Funding: YES for the Internship ; an application to a funding agency will be necessary for PhD.

Laser cooled trapped ions are among the few physical systems in which quantum logic operations have been demonstrated (e.g. 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to David Wineland and Serge Haroche).

First demonstrations of quantum logic operations have been obtained using macroscopically sized ion traps (tens of millimeters), but miniaturized devices can be successfully micro fabricated in a cleanroom (as it has been done, for example, at MPQ laboratory).
Our group develops a research project devoted to the extreme miniaturization of these devices that will be capable of performing elementary quantum logic operations, a major challenge in experimental quantum information science.

I this research field the characterization and the optimization of devices performances in terms of « heating rate » is a fundamental and challenging step. In fact, an initially cold ion gains kinetic energy at a rate that limits the fidelity of quantum operations in very small traps (tens of microns).
We are now implementing a sophisticated technique for measuring the heating rate of the traps . This technique is based on the manipulation of vibrational quantum states of the ion in the trap. It is called sideband Raman spectroscopy and it is based on Raman cooling and spectroscopy.

Successful internship candidate will participate to the setup and operation of the optical bench dedicated to this new experiment. He will also contribute to fabrication and characterization of trapping devices by surface analysis and heating-rate measurement techniques.