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25 March 2019

Nicolas Auvray second prize of "My PhD in 180 seconds"

Nicolas Auvray, PhD student in the SQUAP team, received the second prize from the jury at the USPC’s "My thesis in 180 seconds" competition. Congratulations Nicolas! He will next go to the (...)

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13 December 2018

Superconductivity research at MPQ in the spotlight on France Culture

The program "La méthode scientifique" on France culture highlighted research on superconductivity at MPQ in its 12/12/2018 program, entitled "Supraconductivité : chaud devant".
You can find the (...)

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6 December 2018

Magnetotransport of electrons modified by cavity vacuum fields

The THEORIE group of MPQ laboratory is pioneering a new frontier of condensed matter physics: the control of electronic transport in cavity systems. The group has theoretically shown that the (...)

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21 September 2018

The link between superconductivity and nematicity revealed under pressure

Researchers from laboratory MPQ have clarified the link between superconductivity and nematicity, put forward by recent theoretical works, thanks to Raman scattering experiments under pressure. (...)

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9 July 2018

Interview of Cristiano Ciuti and mini-movie on the laboratory

The Communication Department of University Paris Diderot has realized an interview of Cristiano Ciuti, new head of the laboratory since april 2018, as well as a mini-movie presenting the (...)

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