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21 October 2019

"Les couleurs de la découverte" with P. Milman et T. Coudreau

Pérola Milman et Thomas Coudreau ont participé à une soirée de rencontre avec le grand public sur le thème de l’ordinateur quantique, dans le cadre des 80 ans du CNRS, le 20 mai 2019 à Villejuif. Le (...)

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8 September 2019

"Brève de science" with Ivan Favero

How to weigh and identify a virus using an optomechanical device? The european projet VIRUSCAN, in which Ivan Favero and his team are involved, is popularized in a small video project "Brève de (...)

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2 September 2019

A new milestone in the understanding of high-temperature superconductivity in copper oxides

By studying the phase diagram of a cuprate, researchers from the SQUAP team at the MPQ laboratory, in collaboration with researchers from the LPS (CNRS/Univ. Paris-Sud), LNCMI (CNRS) and SPEC (...)

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12 July 2019

Filippo Vicentini and Alberto Biella receive the Atos – Joseph Fourier prize 2019

Filippo Vicentini and Alberto Biella, PhD and post-doctoral fellow in the Theory team, are awarded the Atos - Joseph Fourier 2019 prize. They received the special GENCI prize for their project on (...)

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9 July 2019

MPQ Lab retreat 2019

The small village of Saint-Montaine-en-Sologne has hosted this year our 3-days laboratory retreat, organized by Sandrine Di Concetto, Nathalie Merlet, Marco Ravaro and Florent Baboux. We had the (...)

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